This article contains the Owner's Guide for the V2700Z Series.

What type of batteries does the Shark Cordless Sweeper use?

The Shark Cordless Sweeper uses rechargeable Nickel Metal Hybrid (Ni-MH) batteries.

How long does the unit need to charge?

The Shark Cordless Sweeper is shipped with the batteries uncharged. Initial Charging time as well as regular charging time is 7 hours.

How do you charge the Shark Cordless Sweeper?

The Shark Cordless Sweeper is charged using the AC Adapter included in the box. Simply plug the charging adapter into the sweeper power head charging jack and the charging adapter cord into a standard electrical outlet (120V~, 60Hz.) Once this is complete the charging light indicator on the top of the sweeper will illuminate to indicate that the sweeper is properly charging.

Are the batteries replaceable?

The Shark Cordless Sweeper uses a specially designed rechargeable battery pack, which is replaceable and can be purchased directly from the company.

How is the Shark Cordless Sweeper Powered?

Rechargeable batteries power the Shark Cordless Sweeper.

Can I use any adapter/charger?

No. The Adapter/charger shipped with the Shark Cordless Sweeper is specially designed for usage only with this product.

Does the battery have a memory?

The Shark Cordless Sweeper does not have a memory, therefore, you can use your unit for 10 minutes and it will recharge to the maximum. We recommend completely discharging, and then fully re-charging the unit once a month, as this will maximize the battery performance and life expectancy.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Rechargeable Batteries?

The estimated life expectancy of the rechargeable batteries is 6 months to 1 year. This is based on an average household usage of 4 times per week.

What is the voltage on the Shark Cordless Sweeper?

The Voltage on the Shark Cordless Sweeper is 4.8 V.

What is the warranty on the Shark Cordless Sweeper?

The Shark Cordless Sweeper offers a one (1) year warranty against defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase. This warranty is in effect when utilized for normal household use

How can I clean the brush roll?

Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut along the raised guide to remove anything wound around the brush bar. Avoid damaging or cutting the bristles.

Is the brush roll replaceable?

The brush roll is replaceable. It can be purchased directly from Shark and replaced by you.

How do I remove the dust container?

Pull the dust container straight out from the side.

How often should I empty the dust container?

To achieve best results; empty the dust container after every use.

How do I know my sweeper is charging?

The green light on top of the sweeper will illuminate indicating that the battery is charging.

How do I charge the sweeper?

To ensure proper charging, 1- plug in machine (ac adpatyor into outlet on one end and into sweeper on the other) 2- Your ON/OFF light should now be on 3- If the light is not on, press your on/off button twice 4- Light should now come on to indicate that your machine charging if not, we must troublbeshoot

How long should I charge the sweeper?

We recommend a 7 hour charge time to power the Ni-MH batteries

How long does a full charge last?

The machine will run for 12 minutes or longer on bare floors and light carpets. Please note that heavy shag carpets or any resistance to the brush roll may use up batteries more quickly than a bare bllor

How tall is the V2700Z to the top of the handle? (Overall product height)

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) - 10.88 x 11.50 x 13.50 inches

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