We suggest speed 1 for bare floors and speed 2 for carpet. However, this is only a suggestion. If you find that #2 works better on your floor, go ahead and use it. Just remember that your battery might start to lose power earlier on speed 3

It is always difficult to estimate run time as we do not see the brush roll spinning against the carpet and we do not know how hard the machine is working. An easy estimate is "Up to about 12 minuts on speed 2. The run time can be longer on speed one"

1- DO NOT LEAVE MACHINE ON THE CHARGER unless it needs a charge 2- The first three times that you charge the machine, you should charge it up to 24 hours. Do not charge again unless you see that the brush roll is slowing down 3- After those three first charges, you only need up to 12 hours to charge 4- do not recharge until you notice that the brush roll is slowing down

Sweepers are not vacuums. They are more of a mechanical broom and dustpan built into one than they are anything else. The machine works with kinetic energy as the brush roll spins the dirt into the dustcup.

Some pieces are stored inside the duct container. Check to see if that container is taped shut or not. Open the conatiner and you are likely to find the a/c adatpor there

You can expect the batteries to last over 1 year (varies depending on usage and charging habits). After that, the charge time will start to fade

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