Applicable on V1705 -- Rechargeable batteries power the Shark Mini Hand Sweeper.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Cordless Sweeper uses rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Mini Hand Sweeper uses a specially designed rechargeable battery pack, which is replaceable and can be purchased directly from the company.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Mini Hand Sweeper is shipped with the batteries uncharged. The recomended initial charging time of the unit is 24 hours. The Sweeper only operates properly when the batteries are fully charged. We recommend to initially fully charge and discharge the unit 2 to 3 times in order to obtain peak performance. Subsequent charging times will vary depending upon the amount of usage between charging cycles.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Mini Hand Sweeper is sold both with and without a charging stand. To recharge the batteries, simply connect the thin round end of the AC adapter to the charging jack or hole on the back of the hand sweeper or to the front of the charging stand if one is included. Plug the AC adapter into a standard electrical outlet. (120V~, 60Hz.) The charging light indicator on top of the unit will illuminate to tell you that the unit is charging.

Applicable on V1705 -- When recharging the unit, the “On/Off” switch must be in the “OFF” position. If the charging indicator light does not illuminate, press the on/off button once to turn the sweeper off.

Applicable on V1705 -- No. The adapter shipped with the Shark Mini Hand Sweeper is specially designed for usage only with this product.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Mini Hand Sweeper does not have a memory, therefore, you can use your unit for 10 minutes and it will recharge to the maximum. We recommend completely discharging, and then fully re-charging the unit once a month, as this will maximize the battery performance and life expectancy.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Mini Hand Sweeper is rated as 3.6 Volts.

Applicable on V1705 -- The Shark Mini Hand Sweeper offers a one (1) year warranty against defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase. This warranty is in effect when utilized for normal household use.

Applicable on V1705 -- Send a check or money order for the amount of $37.94 ($29.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling). Add sales tax for the following states: AL, CA, CT, FL, MA, MI, NY, PA and make payable to “Shark Mini Hand Sweeper”. Send to the following address: Shark Mini Hand Sweeper 5521 Schaefer Ave Chino, CA 91710-9070

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