It should be repalced every three (3) months to ensure peak performance of your vacuum.

The filter is washable. However, make sure that the filter has completely air dried before re-installing back in the hand vacuum.

1. Charge for a minimum of 20 hours before initial use. (Failure to do so will reduce the product's battery life significantly). 2. Do not sore unit with the charging adapter attached and plugged in. 3. Only recharge when the batteries are fully discharged (or as close to fully discharged as possible). 4. Do not sotre in areas of high temperature or humidity. 5. After 3 months of non-use, the product should be fully discharged and then recharged to maximize battery power. 6. Use only the charger supplied with the product. If other chargers are used, the batteries can fail causing damage to the battery, product, or personal property.

1. The ON/OFF switch must be in the "Off" position in order to charge the unit. If the charging indicator does not light, press the On/Off switch to the "OFF" position. 2. If the product has never been used or has been stored for an extended period of time without use - It will take several complete charge and discharge cycles to realize the full operational time of your product.

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