Shark Gentle Cleanser -Safe for kids and pets -No stick residue & great fresh scent

Extra Long Scrubbing Surface -Multi-purpose cleaning -Eliminate tough messes

1. Line up the 2 sections of the pole and snap permanently into place. 2. Add batteries: - open battery door and carefully insert 4 non-rechargeable AA batteries. - close th battery door securely until you hear a "click". 3. Attach Shark's Washable Microfiber Cleaning pad to the bottom of the mop head. * If you are using a Shark 1 time use pad, make sure you attach the pad with the printing side facing the bottom of the mop head.* 4. Add cleaning solution: - remove your refillable bottle. - add water to the line where it indicates "water" on your refillable bottle. - add the Shark Gentle Cleaser Concentrate the remaining of the way and fill to where it indicates "Cleanser". - if using Shark Pro Hardwood Cleanser, there is no need to add any water because the solution comes ready to use. 5. Begin cleaning * For tough spots - simply flip the mop head and use. 6. Discard pad ** Simply toss your reusable pad in the wash or throw your 1 time use pad in the trash.

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