This article contains the FAQs for the RV750 Series Shark ION™ Robot Vacuum. This supports the following product SKUs RV750, RV750C, RV750CA, RV750_N, RV760, RV770, AV753 and AV752.

How do I set up my Shark ION Robot?

Getting started is easy. Follow these simple steps to get cleaning with your Shark ION ROBOT.

  1. Set up your charging dock. Place the charging dock on a level surface with its back against a wall, in a space without obstructions that can easily be accessed by your Shark ION ROBOT. Plug the dock into a power outlet. The more distance in front of the dock without an obstruction, the better-the farther the dock can see, the easier it will be for the robot to return to charge.
  2. Install the side brushes. Flip the robot over and snap on the two side brushes included in the box. 
  3. Power up your Shark ION ROBOT. Flip the power switch on the side of your Shark ION ROBOT to the "On" position and place your robot on the dock. Once your robot is fully charged, simply press "Clean" to send your robot into action.
  4. Prep your home for cleaning. With Smart Sensor Technology, your robot navigates around obstructions as it cleans your floor. To help your robot complete its mission, prep your floor by removing all obstacles, such as loose power cords, clothes, toys, and low-hanging drapes.
What should I do the first time I run my robot?

Please fully charge your robot before using it for the first time (~3hrs). Once fully charged, please unplug the dock and run the robot until it runs out of charge. Then plug in the dock, charge fully and run the robot normally.

How does the robot decide where to go?

Your Shark ION ROBOT is designed with Smart Sensor Technology so it can navigate around obstructions as it cleans your floor. By using an array of sensors, the Shark ION ROBOT will steer itself around your home, using walls and objects as its guide and gently bumping them. This method allows the robot to travel in and out of rooms and around obstacles. If your Shark ION ROBOT appears to be spending a lot of time in one spot, don't worry-over time, its programming will help it cover the full area. The Shark ION ROBOT might not hit every area in one cleaning, but by scheduling daily cleaning, you'll notice its cleaning path will differ with each run to ensure it is maintaining your floors.

How do I prep my home for cleaning?

To help your robot complete its mission, prep your floor by removing all obstacles, such as loose power cords, clothes, toys, and low-hanging drapes. Use the included BotBoundary Strips to easily block off obstacles or areas you don't want your robot to enter. 

What are these BotBoundary strips?

The brown strips included in the box with your robot are called BotBoundary strips and they are used to quickly and easily create "no-go zones" to keep your robot out of the areas you would like it to avoid. These may include:

  • Near power cords that might cause tangles
  • Hallways where you'd rather your robot not travel
  • Around furniture with low clearance that may trap your robot
How do I use my BotBoundary Strips?
  1. Cut the BotBoundary strip to the desired length (18" minimum) so it covers the entire perimeter of an object or spans the length of the doorway you'd rather your robot not cross.
  2. Simply lay the BotBoundary strip flat on the floor or under an area rug. For best results, make sure your BotBoundary strip is completely flat against the floor.
  3. With the provided connectors, you can create angles to customize the BotBoundary strips to fit your home. When setting up your BotBoundary strips, it is useful to either make a closed loop around an object using the included connectors or to place them between fixed objects, like door frames or the legs of a couch.
How often should I replace my robot's parts?

CAUTION: Turn off power before performing any maintenance.

Main Brushroll - Every 6-12 months

Side Brushes - When visibly worn

Dust Bin Filter - Every 2 months

Front Caster Wheel - Every 12 months

Brushroll Door - Every 12 months

Battery - when directed by the "replace battery" light on the robot

Which parts of my robot need regular cleaning and maintenance?

CAUTION: Turn off power before performing any maintenance.

Recommended Cleaning Schedule:

Dust Bin - Empty after each use

Main Brushroll - Check weekly

Side Brushes - Check weekly

Dust Bin Filter - Clean weekly

Front Caster Wheel - remove and clean weekly

How do I empty the dust bin?
  1. Press the dust bin removal latch and slide out the dust bin.
  2. Holding it over a trash receptacle, open the dust bin and empty the debris and dust into the trash.
  3. The dust bin may be washed for cleaning. Before washing remove the HEPA Filter from the top of the unit. Fully dry the dust bin before replacing the dust bin and reinserting into the robot.
How do I clean the filters?
  1. With the dust bin out of the unit, clear hair from the Anti-Tangle Comb on the dust bin.
  2. Press the filter door release button to open the door and remove the filters.
  3. Tap the filters clean or use the included cleaning brush to remove dust trapped between the pleats. The HEPA Filter is NOT Washable.
  4. Replace the filters and the filter cover.
  5. Close the dust bin and slide it back into the Shark ION ROBOT.
How do I clean Brushroll?
  1. Push up on the tabs on the brushroll access door, then lift off the door.
  2. Remove the brushroll.
  3. Clean the brushroll with the provided hair-removal tool.
  4. To reinstall, insert the flat end first, then the protruding end, then click brushroll securely into place.
  5. Close the brushroll access door and press down until it clicks into place.
  6. Push up on the tabs on the brushroll access door, then lift off the door.
How do I clean my robot's cliff sensors and charging pads?

For best results, gently dust off cliff sensors and charging pads with a cloth or cleaning brush periodically as needed.

How do I clean the side brushes?

The side brushes need regular cleaning, as dirt may adhere to them and hair and fibers can easily get tangled in them.

  1. Carefully unwind and remove string and hair from side brushes.
  2. Gently wipe side brushes with a damp cloth. Be sure to let them air-dry completely before replacing them.
How do I clean the front wheel of the robot?

The sensors on your robot's front caster wheel require cleaning to function properly. Check the front wheel frequently and remote any tangled hair or wrapped debris so the wheel can rotate and spin freely. To clean, pull out the wheel and the caster from the bottom of the robot. Remove debris that may have built up around the shaft and in the wheel cavity. Wipe the sensors located in the cavity with a clean, dry towel. Pop off the black and white sensor wheel from the caster for easy cleaning. Remove any debris built up on the axle. Reattach the wheel and reinsert the caster assembly before use.

Will my robot fall down stairs?

Your Shark ION ROBOT was designed with Smart Sensor Navigation that prevents it from falling down stairs. The robot will sense the stairs and change direction to avoid any drops or falls.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Please visit for replacement parts.

Why is my robot wiggling?

Your robot is in the final stages of its docking routine and is making sure it aligns with the charging pads on the dock.

Why won't the robot clean my area rug?

The robot may struggle with some high pile carpets. If your robot continues to have issues with the area, try to use the included BotBoundary strips to block off the area. You may purchase additional BotBoundary strips from

How do I replace the battery on my Shark ION ROBOT?

CAUTION: Turn off power before performing any maintenance.

When the battery needs replacement, the red "Replace" light will illuminate. To remove the battery, turn the unit over and unscrew the battery cover with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Unplug the old battery from its connector, then plug in the new battery. Replace battery cover and screw it back into place. Recycle your battery per local laws or contact us for assistance at 1-800-798-7398. You may purchase additional batteries from

How do I find my robot?

If your robot is stuck, it will make a beeping noise so you can find it.

How to I send the robot back to its dock?

When you want to send your robot back home, simply press the Dock button on the robot or remote.

How long is one cleaning cycle?

A typical cleaning cycle for your Shark ION ROBOT will last about 1 hour.

How long does my Robot take to charge?

Your Shark ION ROBOT needs about 3 hours to fully charge.

How do I register my robot?

You can register your Shark ION ROBOT at

My Shark ION ROBOT is getting stuck. What should I do?

During your first few cleanings, you may need to make some small adjustments to optimize your robot's performance.

  1. Always prep your home before cleaning. Some furniture or loose cords may create problems for your robot. To prevent this, clear away cords and other obstructions. If an obstruction can't be moved, block off the area with the included BotBoundary strips.
  2. Your robot may find its way under furniture with low clearance, but not be able to free itself. Try using BotBoundary strips to block problem areas. Consider shifting furniture away from carpets or using furniture pads to raise the furniture to create clearance. Your robot can easily climb over obstacles up to 3/4" high. Obstructions higher than this may present a challenge. Use BotBoundary strips to block off these areas.
  3. Your robot is designed to run for 60 minutes before searching for its dock. If your robot roams too far, it may have trouble finding the dock. Make sure the dock is centrally located, with 3 feet of clearance on either side. Depending on the size of your floor space, it may be helpful to use BotBoundary strips to keep your robot from traveling too far. You can also add a second dock, available at
A side wheel is stuck. What should I do?

Clean out both side wheels, and remove anything stuck around the axle.

A side brush is stuck. What should I do?

Turn the unit over and pull off the side brushes. Remove any debris wrapped around the side brushes.

My robot has detected a clog. What should I do?

If there is a clog, the robot will detect that its suction motor is working harder than usual. First, remove and empty the dust bin. Press the filter door release button, open the door and remove the filter. Clean the dust bin and filter with a cleaning brush. Next, turn the unit over and remove the brushroll. Look into the inlet to see if anything might be stuck, and remove any obstructions.

The main brushroll is stuck. What should I do?

Unwind anything that is wrapped around the brushroll. Remove the brushroll from the unit by lifting off the brushroll access door, then pulling out the brushroll. Use scissors or the cleaning tool provided with your unit to cut away any debris or hair.

My robot's front bumper is stuck. What should I do?

Pick up the Shark ION ROBOT to free it from whatever it is stuck on. Press the bumper back a few times, making sure it moves freely and isn't locked in a position where it's pressed back.

What should I do if the robot loses connectivity?

Your Shark ION ROBOT may be losing connectivity for two reasons: the Wi-Fi signal may be weak, or the robot may have entered a zone that blocks Wi-Fi. It is normal for your robot to temporarily lose connectivity when it goes under couches or moves through parts of your house that are far from your router. Your Shark ION ROBOT will automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi.

How do I download the Shark App?


  1. Tap on the App Store icon
  2. Search the Apple App Store for "Shark Clean"
  3. Tap on the Shark App
  4. Tap Install on the next page
  5. Your installation should begin


  1. Tap on the Play Store icon In the Play Store
  2. Search for "Shark Clean"
  3. Tap on the Shark App
  4. Tap install on the Shark App page
  5. Your installation should begin
How do I use the Shark Skill with Amazon Alexa?

To enable the Shark Skill for Amazon Alexa:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, go to the menu and select Skills. Or, go to the Alexa Skills store on the Amazon website.
  2. Search for the "Shark Skill"
  3. Select the "Shark Skill" to open the detail page.
  4. Then select the Enable Skill option.
  5. After enabling the skill, you can ask Alexa to open and use it by saying "open Shark Skill"
Why is my robot started when it gets knocked off the dock?

If your robot is kicked or pushed off of its dock or the power goes out the robot may attempt to locate the dock, if the robot is unable to find the dock within 30 seconds it will turn itself off.

What is the maximum dirt capacity for the dust cup container?

0.4 dry quarts to the MAX FILL line

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