-Fill the water tank to the "MAX"level. Do not overfill. -Stand the iron on its heel, standing up on a protected surface and plug into the electrical outlet. -Set the Fabric/Temperature Selector to the Linen/Cotton setting. Wait until the light stops flashing. The iron is now on the preset temperature. -Hold the iron horizontally over the sink. Turn and hold the Variable Steam Control Dial all the way to the SELF CLEAN position. -Move the iron back and forth. Boiling water and steam will now be ejected from the holes in the soleplate. Use caution when doing this as the water and the steam are hot enough to cause burns. -Repeat step by setting fabric/temperature selector to the Linen/Cotton. Wait until the light stops flashing. The iron is now on the preset temperature until the impurities and scale are washed away. -Empty any excess water from the tank. Don"t touch the hot surfaces, water or steam because injury may occur. -Release the steam dial and it will automatically go to the Linen/Cotton setting. -Place the iron in upright position and let it cool down.

-Iron similar fabrics together and in sequence of synthetic fibers, nylon, silk/wool polyster and cotton/linen.

-The odor is because the materials used in making the iron are heating up . The odor is safe and should not reoccur after the initial heating. -Note: Ensure to remove all packaging material prior to heating up your iron.

When the LED indicator flashes green that shows that the iron is either heating up or cooling down. Whereas, a solid green means that the iron has reached the desired temperature.

Use the Steam Burst Button and allow an interval of 3 seconds between each burst. Overuse of the steam burst may cause water spilling or weak steam performance.

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