Applicable on GI490 -- Mix a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Heat up the iron slightly just so that it is warm to the touch. Using a sponge or nylon wool, soak in water/soap solution and scrub away at the residue until all stains have been removed.

Applicable on GI490 -- Lubricate a Q-Tip or cotton ball lightly with a small amount of vegetable oil and rub away at the stains gently. Clean soleplate with warm water and soap solution with a sponge. Dry thoroughly with a dry cloth or paper towel. For more stubborn stains, a hot surface cleaner is available at any local hardware store or consult with a local fabric store for similar products.

Applicable on GI490 -- Place the iron in its heel on a stable protected surface and allow the iron to heat for approximately two (2) minutes or until the temperature settings on the right side of the LED display panel have stopped flashing.

Applicable on GI490 -- Yes. Set the Temperature Control Dial to desired temperature setting and place the unit on its heel on a stable protected surface. When the iron has reached the desired temperature, the pilot light will go off.

Applicable on GI490 -- Do not attempt to clean the water reservoir with any cleaning product or solution other than clean tap water or distilled or demineralized water.

Applicable on GI490 -- It is very important that you empty the water after each use to reduce the likelihood of mineral deposits from forming. Once the unit has cooled down, empty the water before storing.

Applicable on GI490 -- Add water to your tank if your water level is low or empty. Make sure that the temperature setting is correctly set. Make sure the unit has reached the selected temperature by confirming that the pilot light has gone “off”.

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