This article contains the FAQs for the S1000C Shark® Steam Mop. This supports the following product SKUs S1000C, S1000CCO and S1001C.

How to start your Steam Mop S1000?
  1. Pull and twist the quick release cord holder to unwrap the power cord completely. When Steam Mop is plugged into an electrical outlet, the power light will illuminate. It takes approximately 30 seconds for the mop to heat up and the steam to be ready.
  2. Pump the handle a few times in a downward motion. This pumping action will release steam as you mop and allows you to customize the amount of steam you want. Begin mopping with a forward and backward motion. The natural motion of mopping will produce steam.
  3. When the water tank is empty, the Steam Mop will stop producing steam. Make sure to unplug the Steam Mop before refilling the water tank. Follow the water tank refilling instructions.
How to refill the water tank?
  1. o remove the tank, lift it up and away from the Steam Mop body. Make sure to unplug the Steam Mop before removing the water tank.
  2. To remove the water tank cap, twist counterclockwise. Fill tank completely with distilled water or tap water.
  3. Replace cap on water tank and turn cap clockwise to seal.
  4. To replace the water tank, align it so the cap faces down. Place the cap into the hole in the Steam Mop body and slide tank down until it clicks securely into place.
Can I use the steam mop on all floor surfaces?

The steam mop is designed for use on most hard floor surfaces. We recommend that you first test an isolated area of the floor surface to be cleaned as well as review the use and care instructions from your floor manufacturer.

Can I use or add a cleaning solution to the water tank or apply to the pads?

Shark Steam Mops are designed to deliver effective, chemical-free cleaning and sanitization with just ordinary tap water. Using any type of cleaning solution, perfumed oils or other chemical cleaner with your steam mop is not recommended. These products can have damaging affects to your steam mop and defeat the benefit of chemical-free cleaning. Do not use anything other than water in the unit. Shark recommends using distilled water in your steam mop. Shark's water filtration bottle is also recommended to extend your mop's life and reduce the potential build-up of hard water residue in the unit which may contribute to steam performance issues.

How do I get best cleaning results?
  1. Always sweep or vacuum floors prior to use to remove all lose dirt and debris from the floor surface.
  2. Wash pads prior to first use to remove any loose lint that may have occurred in packaging or transport.
  3. Select the appropriate steam setting for your cleaning needs: DUST- light steam for quick dusting; MOP - Normal everyday steam cleaning; SCRUB - Heavy cleaning (will leave floors damp) and for use with Carpet Glider.
  4. Steam your floors with a forward and backward motion.
Product Care:PADS

Wash the pads with liquid detergent (not powder), as powder can leave a residue behind on the pad. Avoid use of bleach and fabric softeners when washing pads. Line dry or dry on a low dryer setting. For best pad performance, we recommend replacing pads every 2-3 months if pads are used and washed 3 or more times/week.

How do I prevent my unit from calcification

Calcification and mineral deposits can build up and impact the performance of your steam mop over time. We recommend using distilled water and/or filtered water to extend the life of your steam mop.

How do I clean the nozzle

Calcification and mineral deposits can build up and impact the performance of your steam mop over time. Your steam mop includes a nozzle cleaner for maintenance use. Consult the owner's guide for full instructions on how to clean the nozzle of your mop. Should you misplace the nozzle cleaner, you may also use a small diameter, still metal wire such as a straightened metal paper clip to clean. To clean the nozzle, unplug mop head from unit. If recently used, make sure the unit is completely cooled before proceeding. Carefully insert the end of the wire into the nozzle orifice and move the wire back and forth several times, to removing any deposits from the orifice. Plug in appliance and test steam output.

How long will it take my steam mop to heat up?

The steam mop is ready to clean in about 30 seconds.

Can I use detergent on the cleaning area?

No, The steam mop is designed to provide effective, chemical free cleaning without the use of cleaners or detergents

Why should the pads be washed prior to use?

It is important to wash the pads in order to remove any loose lint or fibers from the pad that might have occurred in packaging or in transport. Pads should be washed with liquid detergent (not powder), as powder can leave a residue behind. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners as well. Dry pads on a low dryer setting or line dry.

How long will the pads last?

Frequency of use, the type of cleaning (heavy/light) and how often the pads are washed and dried all determine the life of the pads and when new pads are required. Under normal household conditions, using the mop for routine cleaning a few times per week, we recommend new pads every 2-3 months.

How do I assemble the unit?
  1. Align the mop handle and mop pole so the arrow symbols inside them face forward. Insert either end of the pole into the handle until it clicks securely into place
  2. Align the mope pole and the mop body so their arrow symbols face forward. Insert the pole into the top of the mop body, sliding it in until it clicks into place
  3. Place the Dirt Grip (TM) cleaning pad on the floor with the quick fastener strips facing up. Align the mop head down onto the pad. The quick fastener strips will secure the pad to the mop head.
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