EMPTY and take off your dustcup. Remove the filters from underneath. There should be one thick foam one and a thin felt one. Careful, they will be dirty. Now, put your dust-container back on and - In back of the machine - remove the hose from the plastic elbow (Page 5 - Illustration 9A). Turn on machine and cover the elbow with you hand. If the suction on your hand is strong, turn off machine and put the hose back on. Remove the other hend of the hose from the cleaning wand (Page 5 - Illustration 9D) and test suction level on your hand again with that end of the hose. This can also be done at the end of the c;eaning wand and by detaching the short hose at the bottom from the floor nozzle. The blockage(s) will be found just before where the suction against your hand is reduced.

That is the suction control. By sliding that button and exposing the air flow, the suction is reduced enough so that you can use your machine on upholstery or drapery without fear of clogs. When finished, simply slide shut and you will have maximum suction again

For the foam and felt filters, they should be rinsed in lukewarm water once-a-month (perhaps more often for pet owners). The HEPA filter over the exhaust need only be done once every year or two.

The filters are warrantied for life. That is to say that so long as your rinse them once-a-month, you should never need to replace them. Extra (XF22) will only be needed if you wish to have spares while your originals are air drying.

Simply rinse them under lukewarm tap-water and allow them to air dry for at least 24 hours. Do NOT use wet filters as any dust which hits a wet filter can turn to clay and destroy your machine.

The belts on your NVC80C floor brush are warrantied for the life of the machine. You will never need to replace them. If anything gets inside the floor nozzle and stops it from turning, the floor nozzle will turn off. You need only turn off and unplug the machine the machine and then locate and remove the item wedged into the brush roll. You cannot reach the belts and will not need to.

25' power cord

Yes, this hole is intended to be there. There is nothing wrong with the unit. It is designed to prevent difficult push/pull and not allow debris to affect the nozzle.

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