A typical cleaning cycle lasts about an hour. (This varies depending on the power mode you are using and the floor type of your home). Your robot will automatically return to the dock when the battery is low.

The robot's navigation algorithm turns the robot in open spaces in order to cover more area. If this occurs frequently, turn off your unit and dust off the bumper lens with a clean, dry cloth. Press the bumper back a few times to ensure it moves freely. Make sure to clean all sensors regularly.

Make sure your dock is placed in a location free of any obstructions and has the appropriate amount of clearance (3 ft on each side and 5 ft in front of base). For best results place the dock on bare floor surfaces with strong Wi-Fi signal.

With Recharge & Resume, your robot will return to dock, recharge, and pick up cleaning where it left off. 1. To activate Recharge & Resume go to the menu in the top left corner of your home screen on the app. 2. Select Settings. 3. Select your robot. 4.Toggle the Recharge & Resume feature to the on position.

CAUTION: Turn OFF (0) power before performing any maintenance. Clean as needed. 1. To clean the front caster wheel, first remove it from its housing. (Tools may be required to remove the wheel.) 2. Remove any debris buildup. 3. Reattach the wheel before use. 4. To clean the drive wheels, rotate the wheels while dusting them. 5. Cut away any hair that may be wrapped around the wheel assembly.

To avoid getting stuck, the robot may go into escape mode, which can cause it to turn or bump into walls. Allow the robot to continue cleaning, and it will eventually end escape mode. If the behavior continues, turn the power off (O) wait 10 seconds and power back on (I). If this happens when your robot is docking, please ensure your dock is positioned in a location free of any obstacles

Empty the robot dust bin after each cleaning. Please follow maintenance instructions in your Owner's Guide to maintain optimal performance.

Your robot is equipped with voice recordings to assist you with any troubleshooting you may need to perform. If you would like to turn off the voice feature, you may do so in the app. 1. Go to the menu in the top left corner of your home screen on the app. 2. Select Settings. 3. Select your robot. 4. Select "Robot notification volume". In the drop-down menu, select the volume level you want for robot notifications. Select 100 for full volume, 75 or 25 for lower volume, or 0 to turn off volume

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